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A world class speaker whose mission is to help people enjoy work life more, so they will want to give of their best. His keynotes are content rich, practical, inspirational, humorous and full of take-aways that work.
We keep on having the same old people problems as we did 30 years ago. Whatever we have been doing, just hasn’t worked. We need a new approach, one that is transformational rather than informational. This is Shay’s specialism, not talking about the importance of openness, trust and collaboration, but creating those realities.

In today’s fast-paced business environment, organisations are continually facing “people problems” – lack of engagement, poor communication, and ineffective teamwork. These challenges not only dampen morale, but also hinder productivity and growth. Despite numerous efforts, finding a lasting solution that addresses these issues at their core, remains elusive for many.

When people problems persist, the impact goes beyond just the immediate team dynamics. Morale sinks, productivity stalls, and creativity suffers. The ripple effects can be seen in high staff turnover, low engagement scores, and a culture that struggles to support innovation and change.
Shay McConnon is not just an expert, he’s the solution to an organisation’s people problems. Shay has an illustrious career working on leadership and culture issues globally. As an author of 18 books on personal development, the founder of People First and the creator of An Even Better Place to Work, Shay brings a wealth of knowledge and practical solutions to the table.
This online, self-managed employee engagement solution has revolutionised workplaces across the globe, including Siemens, Barclays Bank and BAE Systems. It’s not just a programme; it’s a transformation tool that turns your workplace into a thriving environment, where people are engaged, happy, well led and highly productive.
Say goodbye to the endless cycle of people problems. With Shay’s expertise, your organisation can foster a culture of shared leadership, collaboration, and engagement. Let Shay help you create a workplace where people enjoy coming to work, feel valued, and contribute to their fullest potential.

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Shay McConnon

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