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About Shay McConnon

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Transforming Workplace Cultures

Few speakers have the ability to deliver powerful life changing messages as they make their audiences laugh. Shay McConnon is one of them. He is an exceptional speaker and has a proven track record in creating people centric cultures. He provides a fresh approach to wellbeing, leadership, teams, staff retention and ways to re-engage the disengaged.

As the author of 18 books on personal development and the founder of People First, an international training organisation, Shay is at the forefront of creating transformative workplace environments. His groundbreaking solution, “An Even Better Place to Work®”, has been embraced by global giants such as the Environment Agency, BAE Systems, Barclays Bank, and Siemens, showcasing its universal appeal and effectiveness.

Featured in a BBC documentary, Shay’s work has been celebrated for its profound impact on workplace cultures, turning everyday environments into hubs of productivity, preventing people problems from ever arising.

Shay’s expertise is sought after by an impressive roster of clients, including blue-chip companies, healthcare organisations, and educational institutions worldwide. He offers practical solutions for organisations aiming to create a culture of openness, trust and collaboration.

Shay unlocks the potential within teams, guiding them towards agility, resilience, and a shared sense of purpose. His work not only re-defines the standards of workplace culture but also inspires individuals to take ownership for their contribution to a thriving, creative, and enjoyable work environment, leading to higher levels of productivity and profitability.

"The feedback has been excellent - evidenced by our repeat bookings with you for the remainder of our USA and UK Staff... ...You kept the audience riveted and I look forward to the next time."

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