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Keynote: Getting the best from your people

Shay McConnon Speaking

Communication continues to be the number one problem for organisations and indeed for personal relationships. In this entertaining and highly interactive keynote, Shay will show you how to handle everyday situations, so you get the best out of your relationships. Learn the secrets that will enable you to be an effective leader of people and a master communicator.

Organisations are not successful, it is the people who work in organisations that are successful, it is they who drive the business forward, slow it down or even put it into reverse. People are likely to give of their best, when their needs are met at work, when they feel listened to, valued, and empowered. Shay will share with you the tools to achieve this and ways to bring out the best in people.
  • Discover your core needs and those of your colleagues.
  • Attract high quality people, engage and retain them
  • Motivate your people and learn creative ways to get the best from them.
  • Influence and persuade with integrity.
  • Re-engage the disengaged.
Shay shows you ways to resource people so they can take ownership for improving the quality of their work lives and ways to embed the what am I going to do not what is management going to do for me mindset. When people’s needs are being met, you can expect high morale, less attrition, reduced absenteeism and happy, productive people. Smart bosses care about their people because they know, that if they don’t, they will have all those costly people problems.
Suitable for everyone in your organisation.
Smart bosses care!

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