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Keynote: Transformational leadership

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The ‘How To’ of engagement

Organisations are only as effective as their people. People are only as effective as their managers enable them to be. Shay gives not only the 'why' and the 'what', of engagement, but the 'how to'. Discover ways to lead and inspire. Learn how to make your people a growing rather than depreciating asset. Create special people who will give you special results. Develop leadership, not just leaders.

This is a practical, hands-on approach to developing a collaborative model of leadership. Leaders who impact, individualise rather than universalise. They respond to the specific needs of an individual rather than behave in standard generic ways. Delegates will be given practical ideas for improving the impact of leadership, the development of teams and the quality of work life for everyone.
  • Achieve improved performance without asking people to work harder or longer
  • Create staff who feel valued, motivated and energised
  • Reduce stress and conflict
  • Engage staff and promote ownership
  • Re-engage the disengaged
With improved leadership, you can expect reduced attrition, absenteeism and higher levels of productivity. You will also attract high quality people, retain them and increase their value to your organisation. Delegates will come away with a hands-on approach to creating a culture where staff are engaged, take ownership for their issues, partner with their leaders and become fulfilled and highly productive people. This is not yet more management information to be digested, rather the emphasis is on practical activities and experiences, which will transform working relationships.
Suitable for anyone with people responsibility.
Develop leadership not just leaders

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Shay McConnon

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