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Shay doesn’t just deliver his keynotes and walk away. Organisations have the option of participating in follow-up work (training) based on his approach. These masterclasses (run by Shay and his team), will embed the mind set and behaviours into the DNA of your organisation.

The greatest source of inefficiency and unhappiness at work often lies in working relationships. Shay brings fresh insights to work and domestic relationships with lots of humour and audience participation. It is a high energy, content rich keynote that is packed with practical, workable ideas.

Themes covered include wellbeing, retention, engagement, motivational styles, personal effectiveness, self-worth, conflict, win-win, and leadership. Shay deals with everyday situations and provides real-life examples of what to say and do to create openness, trust and collaboration and make your place of work An even Better Place to Work®. He will show you how to:-
  • Grow trust
  • Improve staff satisfaction levels
  • Transform conflict into collaboration
  • Capitalise on the diversity of styles in the workplace
  • Track and improve the wellbeing of your people

After this session, you can expect less moaning, blaming and criticising and more openness, trust and collaboration.

It is packed with practical workable ideas that will reduce your people problems and create more collaborative relationships across your business. As a consequence, morale, trust and profitability improve.

This is a practical, hands-on approach to developing a collaborative model of leadership. Leaders who impact, individualise rather than universalise. They respond to the specific needs of an individual rather than behave in standard generic ways. Delegates will be given practical ideas for improving the impact of leadership, the development of teams and the quality of work life for everyone.
  • Achieve improved performance without asking people to work harder or longer
  • Create staff who feel valued, motivated and energised
  • Reduce stress and conflict
  • Engage staff and promote ownership
  • Re-engage the disengaged
With improved leadership, you can expect reduced attrition, absenteeism and higher levels of productivity. You will also attract high quality people, retain them and increase their value to your organisation. Delegates will come away with a hands-on approach to creating a culture where staff are engaged, take ownership for their issues, partner with their leaders and become fulfilled and highly productive people. This is not yet more management information to be digested, rather the emphasis is on practical activities and experiences, which will transform working relationships.

Organisations are not successful, it is the people who work in organisations that are successful, it is they who drive the business forward, slow it down or even put it into reverse.

People are likely to give of their best, when their needs are met at work, when they feel listened to, valued, and empowered. Shay will share with you the tools to achieve this and ways to bring out the best in people.

  • Discover your core needs and those of your colleagues.
  • Attract high quality people, engage and retain them
  • Motivate your people and learn creative ways to get the best from them.
  • Influence and persuade with integrity.
  • Re-engage the disengaged.

Shay shows you ways to resource people so they can take ownership for improving the quality of their work lives and ways to embed the what am I going to do not what is management going to do for me mindset.

When people’s needs are being met, you can expect high morale, less attrition, reduced absenteeism and happy, productive people.

Smart bosses care about their people because they know, that if they don’t, they will have all those costly people problems.

Using a personality tool, people will discover their own motivations and those of their colleagues. This awareness leads to a reduction of misunderstanding, moaning, criticising and blaming. It also leads to more collaborative, supportive relationships. This is ideal for team building, leadership development or as an open workshop.
  • Prevent costly people problems from ever arising
  • Understand colleague’s needs and behaviours
  • Higher levels of collaboration
  • Create a people centric culture
  • Celebrate differences

The secret to high performing teams is needs. People come to work to have their needs met, and if they are not, expect low morale, absenteeism, attrition and unhappy people. Using some fun, easy to use activities, discover the needs of your colleagues and explore ways they can be met even more.

  • Create harmonious, collaborative relationships
  • Improve performance and productivity
  • Less moaning blaming and criticising
  • Create a greater sense of belonging
  • High levels of engagement and morale are consequences of needs being met.
Feedback is the most powerful, the most ill-used and underused management tool. Feedback is key to building and sustaining people’s motivation and performance levels. Our research shows that 85% of people do not get the feedback they need (BP2W®). Using real life examples, Shay shows you how to give feedback so people will be open to what you have to say.
  • Do not forget the positive feedback!
  • The 3 steps for giving feedback
  • The 4 steps for receiving feedback
  • Make it safe for people to give feedback
  • Transform you versus me to us against the problem

These ideas will enable you to create an environment where feedback becomes the norm and is seen as an invaluable tool for enhancing working relationships and performance.

By creating the feedback culture you will dramatically improve levels of performance and productivity.

Conflict eats into time, morale and profits. It is the largest reducible cost for many organisations. Managers can spend up to 25% of their time dealing with unnecessary conflict (Dana). This is time lost to creative, productive work. Tolerating conflict just does not make good business sense. Shay McConnon will show you how to replace conflict with openness, trust and collaboration.
  • Understand why we are different from and often difficult for each other.
  • A simple technique that will diffuse explosive situations.
  • Deal with power plays.
  • Learn to disagree agreeably.
  • Create lasting win-win.
Conflict is not inevitable, is seldom constructive and comes with a high time, emotional and financial cost. Our People Problem Cost Calculator shows that an organisation of 100 people can expect to lose in the region of £230,000 through unnecessary conflict.

Shay McConnon’s book, Resolving Conflict, complements this masterclass and is available from Amazon.

"I recently attended the Northern Personnel briefing in Harrogate and thought your session was excellent! It was interesting, funny, enjoyable and very memorable. I am writing to arrange a similar session in Doncaster early next year. Would you be able to deliver a similar session for us?"

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