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The Needs Spectrum is a diagnostic that will enable you to understand your needs and the needs of others. Articulating and problem solving on your needs can result in a rich quality of life and high levels of performance.

Understanding your needs and the needs of others

Needs Spectrum

Create a needs-focused culture, supported by needs-driven leadership.

The spectrum

People come to work to have their needs met. If needs are not met, expect disengagement, low morale and poor productivity. People often have difficulty in articulating their needs. They may know at a feeling level if their needs are being met, but often can’t put their needs into words.

The Needs Spectrum allows people to become aware of their needs – what is their unique blend of caring, succeeding or getting things right?

You are going to get two scores:-

  1. My core needs – which, when met, allow me to experience a rich quality of life.
  2. My needs in conflict – my need/behaviour patterns when my core needs are not being met.

The questions

The Needs Spectrum diagnostic consists of 20 questions and each has three different endings. You are asked to share a total of ten points amongst each set of endings to indicate what is most important to you. As you complete the questions you are asked to think about ‘what is important to you’ in all contexts, home, work, etc.

It is usually best not to spend too much time thinking about your answers. We suggest you go with instinct. You can always revisit these answers and make adjustments to more accurately reflect your needs.
“To really understand someone, understand their needs.”
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