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Introducing Shay

Here are some words to introduce Shay onto the platform – please modify as necessary to make it personal to the audience.

  • Shay McConnon is an author of 18 books on personal development
  • Founder of People First, an international training organisation
  • Creator of An Even Better Place to Work, an online, self-managed employee engagement solution, which is being used by Environment Agency, Siemens, BAE Systems, Qatar Stock Exchange and other blue-chip companies globally.
  • Shay recently appeared in a BBC documentary demonstrating how his, An Even Better Place to Work, has transformed workplace cultures.
  • Over the years he has spoken in 19 different countries on leadership and culture issues.
  • He has been awarded a fellowship by the Professional Speakers Association
  • He is a psychologist, a member of the magic circle and he’s here!
  • A warm welcome please for Shay McConnon.

BIOS of Shay for promotional use

Shay's Bio - 45 to 50 word version:

Shay McConnon, founder of People First and author of 18 books, transforms workplaces with his groundbreaking approach to culture and leadership issues. Creator of "An Even Better Place to Work," his methods boost productivity and fulfilment, endorsed by global giants like BAE Systems, Barclays Bank, Siemens.

Shay's Bio - 75 word version:

Shay McConnon, an acclaimed psychologist and author of 18 personal development books, revolutionises workplace culture. As the founder of People First and creator of the celebrated "An Even Better Place to Work" solution, he shares his unique, proven approach to leadership and culture issues. His innovative approach has proven successful in organisations worldwide, including BAE Systems, Barclays Bank, Siemens, fostering environments where employees thrive.

Shay's Bio - 100 word version:

Shay McConnon is a leading psychologist, prolific author with 18 personal development books, and the visionary founder of People First, an international training organisation. His groundbreaking initiative, "An Even Better Place to Work," has set new standards in creating engaging and productive workplace environments. Shay's expertise in leadership, team dynamics, and employee engagement is sought after by global corporations including BAE Systems, Barclays Bank, Siemens. Through captivating talks, he shares innovative strategies for building collaborative teams and enhancing workplace satisfaction, drawing on extensive experience across 19 countries to inspire change and foster a culture of fulfilment and productivity in organisations worldwide.

AV requirements

Shay uses PowerPoint and some video clips, which are embedded into his presentation.

Shay prefers to use his laptop for presentations.

Shay brings

  1. Laptop
  2. PowerPoint presentation with some embedded videoclips
  3. USB backup stick with copy of presentation
  4. Wireless presentation clicker
  5. A table

Shay needs

  1. A wireless lapel microphone for audiences over 100
  2. Mains power socket to power his laptop
  3. A projector (HDMI or VGA) with screen
  4. The ability to play video clips with sound

"Have you ever done stand up comedy? If not you should. If you make dull subjects sound that interesting just imagine what you could do with topics that everyone likes. You should indeed be the Billy Connolly of the business world."

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