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"The feedback has been excellent - evidenced by our repeat bookings with you for the remainder of our USA and UK Staff... ...You kept the audience riveted and I look forward to the next time."

"Shay, a million thanks for your contribution to the conference... ...I was impressed and I am a cynical old bugger who has seen most things. I truly enjoyed it."

"One of the most motivational, educational and moving keynote addresses we have had - it was also the funniest by far."

"You have been truly inspirational and we look forward to working with you in the future."

"The most charismatic speaker I have heard. You kept our people fascinated for the entire session... ...Your anecdotes, metaphors and slight of hand brought so much life to the presentation. A speaker of rare effectiveness."

"Have you ever done stand up comedy? If not you should. If you make dull subjects sound that interesting just imagine what you could do with topics that everyone likes. You should indeed be the Billy Connolly of the business world."

"I recently attended the Northern Personnel briefing in Harrogate and thought your session was excellent! It was interesting, funny, enjoyable and very memorable. I am writing to arrange a similar session in Doncaster early next year. Would you be able to deliver a similar session for us?"

"You were brilliant and your feedback gives you nearly all top marks. Thank you so much for making our day."

"His engaging style of presentation, characterised by humour and anecdote, captivates his audience whatever their background or current state of motivation. His enormous energy is contagious and he brings out the best in people. Learning has never been so enjoyable and enlightening."

Shay McConnon

Discover how Shay McConnon can make your workplace “An Even Better Place to Work” presented with lots of engagement, humour and real-life examples.

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